Why volunteer with


Challenge Yourself!

RHICs sees that school curriculum is a crucial part of learning, but the lessons learnt through traveling abroad are unmatched. 

Volunteering with RHICs offers an experience which is more of a direct interactive experience that looks to promote changed consciousness and value change in an individual that subsequently influences their lifestyle while  providing forms of community betterment projects that is needed by local communities.

The project experience one will get, is far beyond something, someone sitting in a classroom will get. 
It enables you to look and learn things from a different perspective, different culture and a different environment from your own comfort zone. 

A challenge for personal growth! 
For some, it allows them to learn new things about themselves (things they did not realize they were capable of e.g. overcoming challenges or conquering their own fears etc.) 

For others, it has changed the way they view life and has made them realize that, there is so much to be thankful for in this life - in your own life (Just by living life from a different setting/culture/Perspective etc.). 

How will it be for you?