Work with and get to know the locals

Projects are focused on the health needs of a particular community.

Alongside Four UN SDGs:

Goal 3 : Good Health and Wellbeing
Goal 6 : Clean Water And Sanitation
Goal 14 : Life below Water
Goal 15 : Life on Land

Depending on which project you're interested in (Teaching/Awareness Programs, construction, Sports or Marine conservation) all projects are aimed to contribute to few of the UN SGDs mentioned above.

Which Project(s) can i apply for?
  1. Teaching/Awareness Program (Health & Wellness)
  2. Construction & Renovation (Community Development )
  3. Physical Wellness (Sports/Gardening/Zumba etc.)
  4. Marine Conservation


Health & Wellbeing

Brainstorm with your teammates and design creative ways to teach the importance of :

'Health & Wellbeing'

You will be provided with the age group of your audience to help you design ways in which you can help them better understand the topic. Donations for school stationery supplies will be handed to the school for distribution to respective classes.

Construction & Renovation

Community & Development

Community Development Projects are based on the 'Health Priority Needs' of that particular community based on assessments. These projects includes improving sanitation, constructing or renovation of buildings etc. that focuses on the specific UN SDGs mentioned earlier 


Physical Wellness

Depending on which physical activity you prefer to do (Sports/Gardening/Zumba etc.) that promotes physical wellness.

Marine Conservation

Life below Water
  • Removal of Crown-of-thorns sea stars and other marine snails/slugs that feed on corals reefs and any other foreign materials (plastic, tins, etc.).

  • Mangrove planting

Additional Activity (Mandatory)

  • Meal Preparation for Target Groups

As Fiji has vulnerable group's who can barely afford a well balanced meal at least once a week, all volunteers and Program leaders will come together and prepare a well balanced meal and deliver it to the target group of that particular week ( 1 target group per week).



What is Included?
  • Airport Transportation to & from Volunteer House

  • Accommodation (Type of accomodation is dependent on Project)

  • Meals ( 3 Meals per day)

  • In-House Support 24/7

  • Transportation to & from Project Site

  • Orientation (1week)

  • Projects start on Monday-Friday (8:30am-3:00pm)

  • Weekends off (You may choose to do other activities or spend your weekend elsewhere - *conditions apply)

Other optional activities towards the end of your trip includes:

  • Kayaking

  • Snorkelling & Island Hoping

And many more.

Please note, that all bookings are to be made 3 months before departure.